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Fashion has never been so easy, fun and tailored to you!



I am Toi L. Pierre, the owner of Soliel Ange Boutique. I am so happy that you have selected my website to shop for the latest fashions at great prices. What makes my boutique unique is you! The items you see on our website are gently used items, as well as new items. It is my hope that every woman will make purchases that add a little ray of sunshine to their life, as well as to the lives of those they encounter. We would love for you to bring that ray of sunshine to our new location at 9542 Brookline Avenue, Suite F., Baton Rouge, LA 70809, and try on what you like! 

Soliel Ange Boutique, was created because in 2010, I had weight loss surgery for health reasons. Being a single mother of five school age children, I was not able to go to department stores or high-end stores to accommodate my new found body. I found myself spending hours on end in thrift stores trying to obtain a new wardrobe. I went from a size 20/22 to a very small size 3! I lost 121 pounds from my weight loss surgery, and 60 of those pounds were within the first 5 months after my surgery. Can you imagine having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, support five children, eat and live? Well that was my life, but I refused to let my circumstances defeat me. I pounded the pavement looking for clothes that would accentuate my newfound size. I think I went to every Goodwill, American Thrift Store, The Purple Cow and many other thrift and consignment stores in Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Being the fashionista I was before my surgery; I remained determined to keep up my fashion sense in my new body. I did, thanks to resale shops. I am here to help you find the same joy I did, when trying to look and feel my best on a budget!